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Who better to determine the quality of our services than those we have worked with in the past? Let our customers tell you how great our therapeutic massage services are.

Kari is fantastic! She took the time to understand my post surgical concerns and goals. I was also thoroughly impressed at her depth of knowledge and that she took care to explain to me what she was doing and why. After my first session, I've already seen a very marked increase in my range of motion. I highly recommend them!

Camille Hakes

DaVinci consistently provides an incredibly relaxing experience. An aura of peace and serenity await my arrival with as much of a welcome as Kari does. Walking through the door is like walking into a warm embrace. The tranquil surroundings bring calmness and comfort. The soft music, comfortable furnishings, subdued lighting and soothing fragrances are a delight to the senses.

Julie Landem-Winterroth

Tarina was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable for my first massage ever. The massage itself was very relaxing and felt fantastic!

Justin Loeffler

Hands down the greatest massage you can get in the Chippewa Valley. They were voted the best for so many reasons! My coworkers and I drive from Minnesota for our massages so we can go to DaVinci! The therapists are all extremely talented, and each have a unique approach to relieve you from stress, relax your mind and body, and also give you lasting results. They pay careful attention to everyone individually to customize the massage to fit your wants and needs. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed!

Kelsey Christianson

Most amazing massage I have ever had, Gina was great, so relaxing, will definitely recommend to my family and friends

Kris Anderson

As a medical professional, I always do my homework when seeking out care for myself and my family. Kari and the staff at DaVinci are by far the best in the industry. I was amazed at the skill, knowledge and professionalism of the entire staff. I have suffered from jaw, neck and back pain most of my adult life and bounced from one "so-so" massage to another. My experience with Kari has been almost life changing! I FINALLY found someone who listens, understands and is a MASTER in her field---everything customized to my needs. A true miracle worker! I trust her so much that I have recently brought my teenage daughter who suffers from migraines to see her. We will be forever clients of Kari and DaVinci Massage.

Mary Schneider Rosen

I was so nervous about getting a massage today from a massage therapist I had never worked with before, but Mike put me at ease immediately. I'm always so nervous about my acne/acne scars when I get a massage, but he was so focused on my muscles and helping my body release that I could finally relax. He was extremely professional and soft spoken and I really enjoyed that. He concentrated on my problem areas and used techniques that I had only read about (hot stones/hot towels, traction pulls etc...) and I kid you not it was the BEST massage I have ever had. Afterwards, he talked me through my body and told me what areas I had the most tension and taught me how to combat it at home/work with stretches. He is the only massage therapist who has ever educated me about how to prevent further tension. I'm so happy about how client-oriented he is.

I walked in there with anxiety and left the most mellow and calm I've been in months! Thank you DaVinci!

Pa Kou Lee