DaVinci Therapeutic Massage Therapists

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At DaVinci Therapeutic Massage, we treat each person as a work of art and tailor each session to your individual needs. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, reduce pain, or are recovering from an injury - we are here to help you achieve your goals through therapeutic massage.


I was so nervous about getting a massage today from a massage therapist I had never worked with before, but Mike put me at ease immediately. I'm always so nervous about my acne/acne scars when I get a massage, but he was so focused on my muscles and helping my body release that I could finally relax. He was extremely professional and soft spoken and I really enjoyed that. He concentrated on my problem areas and used techniques that I had only read about (hot stones/hot towels, traction pulls etc...) and I kid you not it was the BEST massage I have ever had. Afterwards, he talked me through my body and told me what areas I had the most tension and taught me how to combat it at home/work with stretches. He is the only massage therapist who has ever educated me about how to prevent further tension. I'm so happy about how client-oriented he is.

I walked in there with anxiety and left the most mellow and calm I've been in months! Thank you DaVinci!

- Pa Kou Lee